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„If you are being oppressed you have every right to be angry.“

SaZ sprach mit der großartigen Amanda Palmer, die gemeinsam mit ihrer Band The Grand Theft Orchestra auf ihrer dritten Europa-Tour in Berlin landete.

SaZ: Hi Amanda! We are big fans of yours, and we are quite amazed that all of your music is available as a free download. You once said “Don‘t make people pay, let them”. How does this work?

Palmer: I generally think this is the correct philosophy because digital is free and everyone knows it. The big problem musicians have to face is how to educate your audience that if they don‘t help you, there isn‘t some other magical force that’s going to pay for your music. The statistics for who does pay for the music, when given the opportunity, are pretty staggeringly disappointing. Especially for an artist like me: I‘m the poster child who invites help openly and who has a very open dialogue with my fans. And even then the majority of people take the music for free.

SaZ: Do people think that you are so big and well off?

Palmer: There are a lot of weird ideas around it. I also encourage people who take the music for free to come to a gig (mehr…)

Nicht nur zur WM: Deutschland eine kleben!

Seit einigen Wochen gibt es die neue SaZ-StickerKollektion. Von den „Hello…“-​ und den “ Love ____ / hate“-Auf­kle­bern zum sel­ber Aus­fül­len könnt ihr uns Fotos eurer cools­ten Tags/Mo­ti­ve schi­cken und wir stel­len die dann auf un­se­re Seite.
Also ran an die Mar­ker!

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